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The Reason of Life
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September 10, 1998 — October 17, 1998
76 Grand Street, New York

Noritoshi Hirakawa is known for his work which explores elements of the social structure that are well-recognized but rarely addressed. In 1998 Deitch Projects presented three photographic projects by Noritoshi Hirakawa in its storefront gallery, S, Révélation de Printemps and The Reason of Life.

The artist described the S project as follows:
…a vicarious experience of death…I visited ten famous suicide spots in Switzerland, fixed the point one meter away from the place where the suicider stepped out, and decided the range of viewing scope towards the direction of gravity. The scene depicted is the place which welcomes a person's death, and probably is the gate to the last prelude from life to death which no one has ever talked about...

Hirakawa described his series of photographs, The Reason of Life:
This is the view of what men dream of but can never be at the point to see. Many men have a lot of desire to see the underwear beneath a woman's skirt. At the same time, many women think about having their underwear looked at by men. This desire is never spoke of in public. The woman is photographed by the artist at the same moment as the woman photographs herself. The camera can be a very good excuse to connect men's and women's desires.

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