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Odyssey of a Cockroach
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October 04, 2003 — November 01, 2003
18 Wooster Street, New York

Alarmed by the cruelty, cynicism and savageness which threaten to breakdown our families and society in our “modern” Twenty-first Century, Yoko Ono embarked on her project Oyssey Of A Cockroach to address these troubling issues. She explains, “I have decided to be a cockroach for a day, and see what is happening in this city through its eyes. Since we can easily say that New York City is the cultural center of our society, I have taken various pictures of the city's corners and presented them from a cockroach's point of view. Through the eyes of this other strong race, we may learn the true reality of what our dreams and nightmares have created. I invite you to join me on this odyssey -- Oyssey Of A Cockroach." y.o.

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