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Super Tudor
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September 05, 2002 — October 19, 2002
76 Grand Street, New York

Super Tudor, an installation by Richard Woods transformed the gallery into a mesmerizing amalgam of printed patterned floors, walls, and art objects that referenced various architectural and art historical styles. Upon entrance to the gallery’s Tudor exterior, eight foot tall repeated images of parrots lined the walls of the main gallery while printed images of cockatoos covered the walls of the storefront space. The printed floor, constructed from five different patterned blocks, ran throughout the space in a herring-bone mock parquetry style. Neoclassical faux garden sculptures sat on a variety of pedestals and were crudely transformed into fountains so that the sculptures rested in plastic buckets with visible tubes and pumps attached to them. Groups of marquetry paintings, hung salon style retained the traditional techniques and subject matter of this craft but the hyper-graphic effect of the work ultimately obfuscates the craft. Woods juxtaposes dissimilar yet recognizable stylistic elements from a variety of eras in order to create completely unique environments.

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