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The Beautiful Struggle
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September 07, 2008 — October 19, 2008
4-40 44th Drive, Long Island City

Deitch Studios is pleased to announce the first New York exhibition of the work of Dzine. The Beautiful Struggle will feature four new paintings, which combine the mandalic and psychedelic imagery that emerge from his meditative painting process as well as new sculptures exploring the middle ground between Chicano lowrider street culture and contemporary art.

Dzine’s forms and color palette are inspired by Buddhist traditions, which employ the mandala as a representation of one’s universe, a tightly composed movement wherein the scrupulous center represents what’s most essential to one’s spirituality and the quotidian envelope the periphery. Using his own visual lexicon, Dzine seeks to combine two different types of mandalas, two different movements, simultaneously: the ghrbha-dhatu or womb world, which moves from the one to the many, and the vajra-dhatu or diamond world from the many into one. Creating a kaleidoscope of tightly geometric and meticulous shapes, Dzine’s mandalas are at once painstakingly specific and flamboyant. To extend the illusion of movement, the artist applies a thick layer of clear resin to create a slick surface or thousands of glass beads, off which light bounces brilliantly. These reflective and decorative materials offer an alluring depth to otherwise super-flat representations.

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