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The Art Parade, 2005
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September 10, 2005
Grand Street between Crosby and Wooster

Deitch Projects presented it's first annual ART PARADE, an artist parade that took place Saturday evening, September 10, on Grand Street between Crosby and Wooster beginning at 4pm. Artists, performers and designers were invited to create floats, placards, spectacles and street performances. In addition to invited artists there was also an open call for parade projects. The Parade included 650 participants, showcasing over 60 projects and attracted over 3,000 spectators. Any one with photographs from the event is invited to send them to info@deitch.com! Please include photo credits as you wish them to appear on our website.

The Art Parade was produced by Deitch Projects in collaboration with Paper Magazine with the assistance of Creative Time. We hope that The Art Parade will become an annual event to mark the beginning of the art season and New York Fashion Week.

Click here to view PAPER magazine's PARTY STYLE Art Parade coverage.

Click here to view artnet's coverage of the Art Parade with photos by Paul Laster.

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