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Garden of Earthly Delights
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September 07, 2005 — October 08, 2005
76 Grand Street, New York

Deitch Projects is pleased to announce the first New York solo show by London based Kashmiri artist Raqib Shaw. Taking its title from the eponymous Hieronymous Bosch painting, Garden of Earthly Delights will feature five new paintings and twenty drawings describing the erotic underwater realm of Raqib’s imagination.

Oriental, psychedelic, surreal, pornographic, and decorative, these works feature efflorescent genetalia put to work by all manner of hybrid creature. In his outrageous private phantasmagoria we find surfaces nippled and crevassed, space enigmatic in a suffused underwater thicket, and time clenched in perpetual orgasm.

Raqib incorporates a veritable Natural History Museum catalogue of flora and fauna: fan coral, seaweed forests, anemones, limpets, sea turtles, anglerfish, coelacanths, writhing eels, skittering crustaceans, and turgid sea cucumbers lurk about. Echinodermata, nematoda, and chondricthyes: phylum with names as resplendent as the animal’s colorful execution.

But cohabiting below the surface we also playfully find terrestrial organisms: frilled lizards in threat display, phallus-headed underwater birds, dragonflies, bug-eyed tarsiers, and animal-headed man-beasts. These hybrids writhe and squirm in sportif sexual groupings across the effulgent surface.

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