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October 12, 2000 — November 04, 2000
76 Grand Street, New York

Inflight!, conceived by Johan Grimonprez, was a spin-off from the standard airline magazine you find waiting in any airplane seat pocket complete with barfbag, safety instructions, flight routes and feature articles. It was based on the inspiring idea of collecting literature for the sky.
INFLIGHT broke a basic convention of sky reading by focusing our attention on the history of airline hijacking. An obsessively researched collection of articles took us on an exciting detour from the seamlessly peaceful world of showbiz chats and international recipes usually provided to relax air passengers. By sourcing 30 years of news archives on the subject, Grimonprez also subtly scrutinized the media's influence in shaping our understanding of polemic world events. It reports that today the hijacker character has virtually vanished from our screens. With a growing fear of the political unknown, attention on aliens is up! We were Skyjacked in planes, now spacenapped in UFOs and cyberjacked over the net.
Inflight!, also describes the concept of the show he created to launch the magazine at Deitch Projects. Grimonprez created an INFLIGHT lounge, with comfortable furniture, coffee and a soundscape containing an audio library where visitors could choose their own movie soundtrack . A jetwalk corridor of iconography lead into the main gallery in which a giant wall map traced the history of skyjack and spacenap routes.

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