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Portraits Lost In Space
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December 03, 1999 — January 15, 1999
76 Grand Street, New York

George Condo's portraits in Portraits Lost in Space, were characterized by Condo as “hallucinations looking back at the hallucinator”. They are arrangements of cheeks, noses, eyes and foreheads that emerge from the periphery of the mind. They represent composite beings drawn equally from Old Master paintings, cartoon animation, and everyday life. Condo thinks of his approach to these portraits as “artificial realism,” the realistic representation of the artificial. Condo uses Old Master-like painterly virtuosity to paint portraits of “antipodal” characters to represent the contemporary human condition. His faces reflect the manic quality of cartoon characters but also evoke the sadness at the periphery of contemporary life. The work resonates with pathos and sympathy for the lonely and the dispossessed.

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