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For several years, Puerto Rican artist Dzine has straddled the thin line between the auditory and the visual, whose two forms of artistic expression have a strong interrelation. His articulation of sound takes on various fluid abstract forms, with vivid colors, patterns and textures unleashing a visual punk/funk/psychedelic energy that cause his paintings and site-specific wall installations to vibrate with rhythm. Dzine creates these works by an intricate layering process, which involves painted shapes, a brilliant synthetic resin finish and the application of thousands of tiny glass beads and shimmering Swarovski crystals. The completed works dazzle the eye.

Recently, Dzine’s practice has explored the artistic expression used by Chicano Lowrider culture. Infusing his trademark visual and audio language, the artist uses the sculptural and artistic form of Lowriding as a platform to explore his emotional relationship with culture and beauty. Dzine has created a series of ornate bike sculptures employing a mixture of custom painting and engraving, 24kt gold plating, video installations and his signature crystals. Each detailed and custom part is carefully selected for its utility as well as its beauty, resulting in a true sculptural form that is breathtaking and an example of technical and artistic ingenuity. For Art Basel Miami Beach 2007, Dzine created Barrio Dreams, a custom Lowrider bike sculpture and a Lowrider ’93 Cadillac Fleetwood, entitled Pimp Juice.

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