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"In the past decade, McGinness has become an art star, thanks to his Warholian mix of pop iconography and silk-screening.”—New York Times

“An unusual marriage of abstraction and representation. McGinness’ slick, colorful paintings consist of layers of images tidily clustered into baroque compositions.”—Art News

“McGinness has created a semantics of symbolic icons that bluntly explicates the common chaos in the vernacular that's thrown at us in advertising, signage, and elsewhere every day.”—Village Voice

“McGinness has knocked the stuffing out of the spare, modernist white-cube concept of a gallery and filled it with his own brand of art: ornate, jazzy pop visions that spring as much from graffiti and corporate logos as they do from art history.”—Boston Globe

“McGinness has mastered and integrated a seemingly infinite variety of visual languages, producing works that inhabit the ever-blurred border between high art and popular illustration.”—Art Forum

“A Warhol for the information age…”—Afterimage

“Like an artist shaman, McGinness heals us from the wounds of overstimulation and returns beauty and enjoyment to popular culture.”—Art New England

“By subverting corporate iconography, former skater punk Ryan McGinness has built a reputation as a Warhol for the 21st century.”—Black Book

“Ryan McGinness is a leading pioneer of the new semiotics.”—Vogue

“Color and form explode from the corners of Ryan McGinness' slick, graphic mindscapes. His unique and accessible visual language is generated by his imagination and day-to-day environment. Layering images and symbols, McGinness' cacophonous microcosms express his reality as much as our own.”—Zink

“McGinness is God.”—Metropolis

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